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Root Tree Service, Inc. is a well known tree care company in the Rochester Hills, MI area.

Whatever your reason for hiring a professional tree care service, make sure you choose the right one.

Proper tree care requires specialist skills – trusting amateurs can put your tree’s health at risk and degrade the aesthetic value of your backyard. Root Tree Service, Inc. has been providing specialist tree service for many years.

Tip #1: Define Your Needs

Root Tree Service, Inc. specialists offer a variety of landscaping services. Therefore, it is important to understand your needs first and then hire a professional who specializes in that particular field. This allows you to get the job done quickly, and at a much cheaper rate.

Tip #2: Check Licensing and Insurance

Not all tree service firms are legitimate and the best way to check this is by requesting a copy of their business license. All arborists and companies in the Rochester Hills, MI area needs a state license in order to provide tree service. Tree work can be quite dangerous which is why you should only hire licensed professionals such as Root Tree Service, Inc., with proper insurance and bonding.
Professional tree care specialists should have complete insurance coverage so that if an accident occurs, causing physical injuries or damage to the property, it should be completely covered by the insurance company.

Tip #3 Get Written Estimates

Do not depend on verbal discussions regarding costs and expenses. Get the estimates in writing – clearly and specifically stating what services will be performed and how much each will cost. Having a copy of your agreement will prevent any disagreements or confusions later on. Most tree service companies will happily provide you with written estimates.
Beware of companies that ask for advance or upfront payments. Expert tree service companies have their own equipment and safety gear, so there are no procurement costs involved. You only need to pay after the job has been completed satisfactorily.

Tip #4 Comparing Quotes

Do not choose just any local contractor for landscaping needs. This can be an expensive mistake as tree service costs vary widely. Also ensure that the expenses include everything from arrangement of equipment to clearing away the mess, disposal of branches, etc.. Root Tree Service, Inc. provides these types of services.
Be patient, get multiple quotes, and negotiate wisely, than choose Root Tree Service, Inc..

Tip #5 Opt for a Local Contractor

It is best to hire local tree specialists, such as Root Tree Service, Inc., as they will have better knowledge of local trees and landscape in your area. Some landscaping professionals offer door-to-door trim tree and pruning services. Ensure that they have a permanent phone number and a physical address before you hire them.
Maintaining your landscape through proper tree care is your responsibility. Choosing the right tree work company will ensure your trees keep looking beautiful and healthy, while also ensuring complete safety for you and your neighborhood.


Call Root Tree Service, Inc., at 248-678-8555 today.